The School Food Project: BVSD's Food Services Department 

At the School Food Project, we believe that for kids to learn, think and be the best they can be, they have to eat well. Because of this, we are dedicated to improving the health of each student by providing healthy food and offering nutrition education programs to grow young bodies and minds.  

Our Food 

We serve fresh and nutritious food every day. This amounts to more than 13,000 scratch-cooked meals each day! We use locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible, and we avoid highly processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals, dyes and food additives. Salad bars are offered daily at every school and are stocked with fresh, delicious and when possible, local farm fresh produce. BVSD is the first REAL Certified school district in the country, a recipient of 39 USDA HUSSC awards and the only school district to be named to the Good Food 100 Restaurants List. Learn more about what those mean here.

Our Programs 

Our interactive food and nutrition education programs make eating healthy food fun for students of all ages. Through our programs, BVSD kids learn where food comes from, what fresh food tastes like, and even how to grow and cook their own food. 

Our Team 

Our director, Chef Ann Cooper, often referred to as the “Renegade Lunch Lady,” is a celebrated author, chef, educator, and enduring advocate for better food for all children. Our hardworking food services team of nearly 200 employees in the cafeterias and central office are dedicated to providing excellent service and high-quality meals to each and every BVSD student.


We are continuously improving our sustainability efforts through innovative and award-winning solutions, such as reusable bins for local deliveries, recycling beef cooking oil for biofuel for local farm tractors and composting vegetable scraps to feed locally farmed pigs. BVSD's production kitchens monitor their daily food waste with the LeanPath tracking system, allowing us to implement new, creative food waste reduction strategies.


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